Frequently Asked Questions

It might seem for all the resources and support we provide, our VCE tutoring would come at a premium, but fortunately, that’s not the case. We charge $90 per week for VCE 3/4 subjects, $80 per week for VCE 1/2 subjects, and $75 per week for Pre-VCE subjects.

We provide hundreds of VCE study materials such as printed workbooks, homework, cheat sheets, practice SACs, exams, worksheets, recorded lessons and 24/7 support, all for free.

Of course! We offer obligation and commitment-free trial lessons where you can come join one of our sessions just like if you were an enrolled student. After attending, you’ll get a better idea if our VCE tutoring suits your needs before you commit to enrolling.

Our sessions usually comprise between 6 to 18 students. Sizes vary depending on subject and session timings. Our tutors are trained and experienced in dealing with larger groups of students so they can accommodate and cater to different class sizes.

Absolutely! Even though we specialise in small-group VCE tutoring, we still provide personal feedback and support. During the tutoring sessions, our VCE tutors walk around to help students while they work, so if you’re unsure or don’t understand something, they can help you 1 on 1 in class. They also answer any questions you might have while teaching to provide you instant feedback during the session.

Our VCE tutors are also available over social media so you can always reach out and ask questions, advice or just talk!

We currently accept the following payment methods:

  • Debit or Credit Card (via Stripe)
  • Bank Transfer (EFT)

Please note that cash payments are not accepted.

Students and parents have to pay for the full term in advance.

We accept enrolments throughout the year, subject to session availability. Come try our VCE tutoring for free and then decide if you want to continue!

Yes! We accommodate groups of friends joining at the same time and depending on how many there are, we could create a dedicated group session for just you and your friends!

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