Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in our VCE, UCAT, or High School Tutoring? Learn more by reading frequently asked questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in our VCE, UCAT, or High School Tutoring? Learn more by reading frequently asked questions!

How Can We Help You?

We currently tutor the following subjects at Contour Education:

  • VCE English
    • VCE English 3/4
  • Pre-VCE Mathematics
    • Foundation Mathematics (Year 7-8)
    • Year 9 Mathematics
    • Year 10 Mathematics
    • Pre-VCE Mathematics

To avoid any confusion, we unfortunately do not currently offer tutoring for:

  • VCE English Language and VCE English Literature
  • VCE Economics 1/2
  • VCE Psychology 1/2
  • VCE General Mathematics
  • VCE Further Mathematics

We have hundreds of past raw 45+ scores (top 2% of scorers!) across our subjects, including dozens of raw 48+ scores and 99+ ATARs. 

Numerous past Contour students have achieved perfect 50 raw scores, Premier’s Awards, as well as perfect 99.95 ATARs.

We’ve also tutored dozens of School Duxes just in the past 3 years, such as the Melbourne High Dux, Melbourne Grammar Dux, Huntingtower Dux, Melbourne Girls Grammar Dux, MLC Dux, East Doncaster Dux, Girton Grammar Dux, and Wellington Dux who all achieved 99.80+ ATARs.

All our VCE tutoring team is composed of high achieving graduates. They are trained and experienced in tutoring groups of students, to deliver the highest quality of engagement possible.

Our team has tutored thousands of students and delivered exceptional results, such as 99+ ATARs and 45+ raw study scores. Our team has experience tutoring students who achieve perfect 50 raw scores and 99.95 ATARs, as well as students who are struggling and need help.

We’ll make sure to allocate you a tutor most appropriate for your goals and ability :)

Don’t worry – you’ll be in good hands!P.S. You can meet more of the team on our Who We Are page ;)

Here’s a snapshot of what you receive when you decide to enroll in our tutoring services at Contour:

  1. 40+ weeks of weekly 2-hour tutoring classes, consisting of small-groups (6-18 students) with a content focus,
  2. For VCE subjects only, 40+ weeks of additional weekly 2-hour workshop classes, with a practice focus for SACs and exams,
  3. Weekly printed content workbook & homework booklets, which include theory, concept, and practice problems for SACs and exams,
  4. Heaps of additional practice resources, including tests, practice SACs, exams, cheat sheets, and revision notes, provided to help you effectively prepare for all assessments,
  5. 24/7 access to our learning portal, with full recorded sessions for post-revision and catch-up, as well as all the resources,
  6. Additional revision, study, and practice sessions provided free of charge,
  7. Personal accountability with your tutor via regular check-ins,
  8. 24/7 individual support, question support, and mentoring outside of class,</