Opportunity to tutor student groups.

Have you wanted to do group tutoring but never got the time to? Maybe you’ve been doing one-on-one tutoring so far, and now you want to explore other options? Whatever it is, becoming a tutor at Contour Education can be a great opportunity for you to tutor groups ranging from 6 to 18 students. Rather than tutoring one student at a time, you can multiply the impact of your tutoring without spending any extra hours. Here are some reasons we think group tutoring is an excellent opportunity for tutors:

❤️ Positively impacts multiple students.

🤝 Fosters engagement and collaboration.

📚 Structured classwork and progression.

Access to high-quality teaching material.

You’ve probably spent hundreds of hours making tutoring resources for your students. We know it can be an extremely time consuming process, and arguably one of the more boring and tedious parts of being a tutor. But that’s where we can come in! We’ve literally spent thousands of hours creating resources and detailed courses for our subjects. So all we need now is you—the tutor!

All you have to do is prepare for your tutoring session by reading over the class workbooks beforehand, and provide an excellent tutoring experience to your students :)

Competitive pay and minimal admin work.

Due to the nature of group tutoring, we can pay our tutors above the market rate. Instead of being paid $25 per hour, we pride ourselves on compensating and rewarding our tutors for their hard work. Our rates range from $90 to $170 for new primary tutors and $130 to $210 for experienced primary tutors per 2-hour class, and they can only climb as you decide to pick up more sessions, dedicate more time, and contribute positively to your students’ learning, as well as the reputation of Contour Education as a whole.

There is almost no requirement for admin work. All you have to do is take simple attendance, manage emails, and address student questions outside of class via social media/text/email. If you’d like to create additional resources for us, we can also organise tailored payment plans to suit your needs :)

💸 Above market rate compensation and flexibility.

📅 Minimal admin work with fixed tutoring schedule.

👑 Primary focus on providing an excellent student experience.

Ability to develop new personal skills.

Working in a collaborative environment and an energetic team can be a fantastic opportunity to hone your skills and learn so much along the way! We like to think of our company culture as a Zoom conference fit. Business suit up top; leisure shorts down below. While we maintain a professional standard across our brand, we also like to have fun, engage our students, and personalise our tutoring experience.

When you work with us, you’ll also have the chance to learn from tutors who have spent thousands of hours tutoring and have garnered years of experience in the industry, perfecting their craft. We want to train you to be the best possible version of yourself!

Also, we’re incredibly flexible on the way you tutor and will provide you with plentiful creative liberties in your work. You get to do what you love alongside like-minded people.

💬 Enhance your public speaking, team and leadership skills.

🏋️ Receive training and feedback to improve your tutoring.

💡 Have creative freedom in a non-corporatey environment.

The Requirements.

We have some simple requirements and criteria we’d like you to fulfil. We assess applicants with a holistic approach. We understand tutoring is as much an Art as it is a Science, so your academic scores aren’t the only thing we’re looking at.

NOTE: Consider the academic requirements relevant to the subject you apply for.
ALSO NOTE: any requirement(s) with “(ideal)” is desirable but not a compulsory prerequisite.

Academic Requirements

💯 99+ ATAR (ideal)
45+ Raw Study Score (ideal)
🎓 First Year Uni Knowledge or Above (ideal)
🕒 Tutoring Experience (ideal but required for a senior tutor)
🏆 Academic Awards (ideal)

Skill Requirements

👨‍🏫 Passion for Teaching
💞 High Level of Empathy
🔥 Energy and Enthusiasm
🗣️ Excellent Communication Skills
💪 Independence & Proactiveness
🤝 Willing to Listen, Learn & Lead
🧠 Intelligence & Creativity

The Boring (but important) Stuff.

We’ve summarised below some of the technicalities of being a tutor with us. Nothing here is unexpected and you’ll find most of these conditions at almost every other tutoring business. We just want to make them clear from the get go :)

If Accepted You Must…

🗓️ Agree to tutor for the full academic year,
🤫 Agree to sign an NDA,
❌ Agree to a non-compete clause.

For some clarity, an NDA refers to a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” meaning you can’t share business operations, financials and materials with others.

And the “non-compete clause” refers to your inability to cooperate with other tutoring businesses in similar activities, e.g. You can’t tutor Methods 3/4 groups for other companies if you tutor Methods 3/4 groups with us. There are exceptions such as working for tutoring agencies or privately. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out :)

Available Roles

We offer a Senior Tutor role for those who are veterans in the game and want to join a thriving team of like-minded people. Make sure to apply for the Senior Tutor role if you have heaps of experience under your belt!

Get in Touch

If you’re interested in joining our team and have questions, get in touch with us!

Our Glen Office – Level 1, 75-77 Railway Parade North, Glen Waverley

Also conveniently located next to Glen Waverley Railway Station (Glen Line).